Orcas Food Co-op Bylaws


Ken Katz- President


Founder of Golden Tree Hostel on Orcas Island, he has 15 years experience as a commercial and residential general contractor. He also serves on the Eastsound Planning Review Committee, and Eastsound Design Review Subcommittee. He has lived on Orcas Island for 10 years. 

Libi Geddes - Vice President


Before opening her shop, Springboard, in Eastsound, many people knew Libi as manager at Roses Cafe. Long time resident of Orcas Island, she has been involved in many community efforts. Libi served on the Montessori School Board and was resident liaison to Opal Community Land Trust Board. She is passionate about quality, local and affordable food for everyone.

Anette Bader - Secretary


Annette has been interested and active in community building, cooperative and simple living, and organic agriculture for many years. A co-founder of Maxwelton Creek CoHousing on Whidbey Island, and its treasurer for over 18 years, she moved to Orcas Island full-time in 2013 and is the business manager for her partner’s construction company.

Jonathan Wolfson


Jonathan has lived on Orcas since 2009. Prior to moving to the island, he spent twenty-five years in Juneau, Alaska as a residential and commercial general contractor. His wife owned a natural food store for eleven years, in which her was involved in two separate store expansion and remodels.

Chris Hogle


In our business, Wild Island Juice Bagel and Bowl, my wife Julie and I are committed to providing families with nutritious local foods. That is what I see in the Co-op. I want to find ways to support the Co-op in continuing to put affordable locally produced products out to the public. I want to help make the Co-op and all of it’s locally produced products accessible to all the families on Orcas Island. I want to see the growth in the Co-op continue, as it introduces new items made available through NCG [National Coop Grocers]. I want to assist in making the Co-op a strong employer which benefits not just the Co-op but the employees and local economy as well. 

I see the Co-op as a gathering of ideals and information. I see it as a learning opportunity for not just myself, but the community as a whole. I see the Co-op as a source of nutrition for the entire island. I see the Co-op as a heartbeat of our uniqueness and industry. That is what I love about our Co-op.

Kristy Bredin


I am an editor turned herbalist and have been involved in the local food scene for over ten years—serving as an organizer for a local CSA program for several years and as a member of the Park Slope Food Coop while in NY; as well as working on Blue Moon Farm for 3 years while living on Waldron. I am passionate about local foods and have been working at the Orcas Food Co-op since I moved here two years ago. I hope to help support the Co-op in going beyond the standard American business model and become an avant garde place of business and employment in the San Juans. I hope my work on the board will complement my work on the produce team in developing the Co-op’s role in supporting customers to make healthy and local food choices.