Orcas Food Co-op Bylaws


Ken Katz- President


Founder of Golden Tree Hostel on Orcas Island, he has 15 years experience as a commercial and residential general contractor. He also serves on the Eastsound Planning Review Committee, and Eastsound Design Review Subcommittee. He has lived on Orcas Island for 10 years. 

Libi Geddes - Vice President


Before opening her shop, Springboard, in Eastsound, many people knew Libi as manager at Roses Cafe. Long time resident of Orcas Island, she has been involved in many community efforts. Libi served on the Montessori School Board and was resident liaison to Opal Community Land Trust Board. She is passionate about quality, local and affordable food for everyone.

Anette Bader - Secretary


Annette has been interested and active in community building, cooperative and simple living, and organic agriculture for many years. A co-founder of Maxwelton Creek CoHousing on Whidbey Island, and its treasurer for over 18 years, she moved to Orcas Island full-time in 2013 and is the business manager for her partner’s construction company.

Jonathan Wolfson


Jonathan has lived on Orcas since 2009. Prior to moving to the island, he spent twenty-five years in Juneau, Alaska as a residential and commercial general contractor. His wife owned a natural food store for eleven years, in which her was involved in two separate store expansion and remodels.

Caitlin Leck


Caitlin believes nourishing food and regenerative farming can act as mechanisms of progressive social change, and has been acting on this conviction as an activist-farmer for over a decade.  She is an anchor farmer in the Orcas Community Participatory Agriculture project, serves as the Outreach Chair for the San Juan County Agricultural Resources Committee, sits on the Steering Committee of the Orcas Women's Coalition, and operates her Eastsound-based edible landscaping company.

Eric Nelson


Eric was first introduced to Orcas Island as a kid when he spent his summers as a camper and counselor at YMCA Camp Orkila. Since then, he has worked in commercial farming operations for the past eight years throughout Washington as well as in California.

Erica Ekrem


Erica grew up on her family's farm where she ate organic vegetables straight from the soil. Now she is devoted to providing access to the same quality of food for her family and community. A resident of Orcas since 2005, Erica serves as a Graphic & Website designer for local businesses and grassroot organizations. She is the Art Director at For The Wild (forthewild.world) and co-owner of Soul Flour Bakery.