Cast Your Vote!

2018 Orcas Food Co-op Board Election

It’s time to vote for the Co-op Board of Directors. This year there are five candidates running for a total of six open positions. While there are more open positions than candidates we still need your vote! A quorum (25% of the Active Membership) is necessary to make the election of new Directors official. Thank you for your participation!

Voting will be open until 5:55 pm on March 11th, 2018 (5 minutes before the start of the Annual Meeting which is taking place from 6-7:30pm at the Oddfellows Hall!)

The Board of Directors helps guide our cooperative to a sustainable and vibrant future by formulating policies and monitoring their effectiveness at meeting the needs and values of our membership. These folks represent all Co-op Owners in stewarding our Co-op as a successful business and community center.  

As a member-owned business, your democratic participation is both integral and important to our Co-op.  Voting to elect the Board is one of the biggest ways to make your voice heard.  Vote Today!!


  1. You may vote online via our survey monkey email poll (sent February 11th).
  2. You may vote in the store with a paper ballot.
  3. You may mail a paper ballot (PO Box 913, Eastsound, WA, 98245)


There is one vote per active membership. In order for your paper ballot to count, we must have the name of the Active Member on the envelope. All information is confirmed and confidential. If you are not sure who in your household is the Active Member please contact Non-verifiable votes cannot be counted.

Results will be confirmed at our Annual Meeting on March 11th.

~ Read About Our Wonderful 2018 Candidates Below! ~

Kristy Bredin


I am an editor turned herbalist and have been involved in the local food scene for over ten years—serving as an organizer for a local CSA program for several years and as a member of the Park Slope Food Coop while in NY; as well as working on Blue Moon Farm for 3 years while living on Waldron. I am passionate about local foods and have been working at the Orcas Food Co-op since I moved here two years ago. I hope to join the Co-op Board to help support the Co-op in going beyond the standard American business model and become an avant garde place of business and employment in the San Juans. I hope my work on the board will complement my work on the produce team in developing the Co-op’s role in supporting customers to make healthy and local food choices.

Chris Hogle


Hi fellow Orcas Food Coop Member-Owners! My name is Christian Hogle and I love my Co-op! I love the deep connection to the local food system that the Co-op team has built. As a business owner with a connection to Island grown foods, I embrace a strong community partnership with the Co-op. I was lucky enough to be selected to spend a few months on the board as an appointee and now I hope to join as an elected member of this team. 

In our business, Wild Island Juice Bagel and Bowl, my wife Julie and I are committed to providing families with nutritious local foods. That is what I see in the Co-op. I want to find ways to support the Co-op in continuing to put affordable locally produced products out to the public. I want to help make the Co-op and all of it’s locally produced products accessible to all the families on Orcas Island. I want to see the growth in the Co-op continue, as it introduces new items made available through NCG [National Coop Grocers]. I want to assist in making the Co-op a strong employer which benefits not just the Co-op but the employees and local economy as well. 

I see the Co-op as a gathering of ideals and information. I see it as a learning opportunity for not just myself, but the community as a whole. I see the Co-op as a source of nutrition for the entire island. I see the Co-op as a heartbeat of our uniqueness and industry. That is what I love about our Co-op.

I thank you for considering me for the board of the Orcas Food Co-op.

Annette Bader (incumbent)


When I moved to Orcas in 2013, to live with (and marry) my sweetie, Mike Hayworth, joining the Co-op Board was an ideal way to become involved in the community and put my skills, interests and passions into service.  I have been engaged extensively in community building, sustainability issues and supporting and promoting awareness of and access to organic foods and goods through my activism and personal life choices for over 30 years.

I serve as Secretary of the OFC Board and chair the Board Development Committee. I bring my skills in administration and community-building to these roles.

I am inspired by the Co-ops vision of serving the local community through our food purchases, and feel honored to be involved. I am excited about developing our Strategic Plan this year, charting our course for the next 3-5 years and strengthening the foundation on which we will continue to grow and mature. I appreciate and thank you for your support in continuing to serve on the board.

Libi Geddes (incumbent)


I have served on the Orcas Food Co-op’s Board since 2013. I would like to serve for another term, and continue my service as Vice President, and more specifically, as the chair to the Strategic Planning Task Force, to be implemented over the next 18 months. In the past I have served on the Montessori School Board, and was resident liaison on the Opal Community Land Trust board. I have enjoyed living in this unique community for the past 30 years. Being a member of the OFC Board has given me the opportunity to help provide access to quality food and social programs in our community. I look forward for to serving again!

Jonathan Wolfson (incumbent)


I have been fortunate to have served on the co-op's board for the past four and a half years.  First there was a thoughtful idea, then the task of opening and now watching the co-op grow and become an integral part of Orcas Island life.  I would like to be part of the co-op's next phase of growth and stabilization.