Co-op Owners Support Local



Our Co-op Owners are proud to support local. We define local and grown, made or produced within San Juan County, and over 15% of our purchases are made from San Juan County businesses. With over $750,000 bought from San Juan County businesses since we opened 3 years ago, we are now the largest purchaser of local food in the county. And we are just getting started. 

In fruits and vegetables alone, we have bought over $160,000 directly from the 20+ produce farmers on five different islands. Why local food? It's better for the earth (low transport impact), better for the economy (more jobs here in the islands), more nutritious (less travel equals more nutrients), and it just tastes better.

We want to continue to grow our local impact, and you can be a part of it. Sign up now to be a Member-Owner of Orcas Food Co-op and rest assured we will be investing in local. 

During the month of July, we will be running our "Join in July" campaign. New Owners receive their choice of a Klean Kanteen water bottle or thermos, and paid in full Owners a fabulous Co-op SWAG BAG filled with samples from local and national brands.  Click here to learn about the benefits of Ownership. Already convinced? Sign up here. 

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Owner Gift of the Week- Organic Cotton Bulk Bag


Join in July has officially kicked off! While we grow our Co-op impact, we want to make sure to celebrate those who helped us get so far. The next 500 Owners who shop this week will receive a free organic cotton bulk bag. Save packaging and money when you shop bulk- Owners save 5% on bulk purchases everyday. Just one of the benefits of being a Co-op Owner!

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"Join in July" Co-op Ownership Drive

Co-op Owners Support Local- We buy more island food than any business in the county


 We are celebrating summer with our month-long Co-op Ownership Drive "Join in July". All month long we will be celebrating our existing and new Co-op Owners through a variety of Co-op gifts. We can't wait to share all the fantastic benefits to yourself and your community when you become a Co-op Owner!

New Owners:

All new Co-op Owners who invest during the month of July will receive their choice of a "Orcas Food Co-op makes my heart beet" Klean Kanteen water bottle or a "Community Grown, Community Owned" Co-op insulated thermos. 

New Owners who choose to make their full $240 investment all at once will also receive a rocking insulated "Change the world, eat local" insulated grocery bag filled with Co-op samples and goodies from our favorite vendors near and far. 

Existing Owners:

We couldn't have made it this far without you! To show our appreciation for the first 3 years, we have a variety of gifts we will be giving to the first 500 Owners who shop each week. Check bag here at this blog, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out what the sweet swag we have in store!

Owner to Owner Referral Rewards:

Know someone who could use a little Co-op in their life? Grab a Referral card from the register. Fill it out and share with your neighbor. When they sign up in the month of July, you will receive a $10 gift certificate. Thanks for spreading the love!

All month long we will be updating you with stories about how Co-ops grow community- through local purchasing, education, great food and more. Check back weekly for the latest news!


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