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Grocery Sales:

Co+op Deals are great deals available to everyone! Because of our small size, we are not able to carry everything advertised as part of Co+op Deals, but you can always special order these items by the case. Please contact us at for more information and ordering. 

The special order deadline for these deals is Friday by Store Closing.



Look at these savings specials below. So much is waiting for you at the Orcas Food Co-op! 

Fresh Deals 
Weekly Savings from our Organic and Local Produce Department 
Today through Wednesday January 31st

Minneola Tangelos $1.99 LB
Broccoli $2.99 LB 
Cameo Apples $1.19 LB
Cauliflower $1.99 LB
Asian Pears $1.99 LB
Red Bell Peppers $2.99 LB
Red Cabbage $0.99 LB 
Pummelos $1.99 LB 
Honeycrisp Apples $1.99 LB 
Eggplant $1.49 LB 
Garlic $7.99 LB 
Russet Potatoes $0.99 LB
Meyer Lemons $1.99 LB
Our weekly Fresh Deals run from Thursday through the following Wednesday.

New Co-op Deals: now though January 30th.

Siggi's Yogurt Singles: 99¢
Wildbrine Sauerkrauts: $4.99
Organic Bulk Garbanzo Beans: $1.99/lb
Organic Valley Sour Cream: $3.99
Silver Hills Sliced Breads: $2.99
Julie's Frozen Blackberry Sorbet Bars: $3.99
Amy's Frozen Four Cheese Pizza: $5.99
U-Konserve Reusable Food Storage Containers: 20% off
Choice Organic Teas: $3.69
Pacific Almond Milks: $1.99
Go Macro Meal Bars: $1.99
Clif Bars: 99¢
Late July Big Dipper Corn Chips: $2.49
Kevita Probiotic Beverages: $2.49






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