Our all-organic produce department proudly partners with over 20 San Juan County farms to bring you a bountiful selection that changes with the seasons. We supplement the local growers with a wide variety of certified organic fruits, vegetables and herbs from the mainland to meet our customer needs throughout the year

Meat & Seafood

Our Co-op is the first place in San Juan County to offer fresh locally-raised pork, beef and lamb. All our meat is raised on pastures or free ranges free from pesticides/herbicides. Our seafood is sourced locally whenever possible and always from reputable sources promoting sustainable and eco-friendly harvesting methods. In selecting what seafood to bring into the store, our choices are directly influenced by Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch and we strive to only carry “Best Choice” selections.

Health & Wellness

Feeling good isn’t always just about eating well, and we have a great selection of products for your body inside and out. In addition to body care products like soaps, lotions and scrubs, you will also enjoy our selection of dietary supplements, tinctures and personal care products. Many made by local vendors!


The Frozen department is where you can find ice cream, popcicles, entrees, meats, and more!


The bulk department is the heart of every food Co-op. Why buy bulk? Less packaging reduces the environmental impact of your food purchases. Plus, you can buy only the amount you need at the time so it’s always fresh and less wasteful! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at our large selection and how economical it is to shop bulk. In our bulk department you will find fresh ground peanut butter and almond butter, honey, oils, coffee, local granola, herbs, tea, spices, nuts, grains, legumes and so much more. 


Our dairy department is highlighted by grassfed milk in returnable glass bottles, cheese from local and regional sources, and a variety of yogurt, butter and other dairy (and non-dairy) items. We pride ourselves on providing high quality dairy products at affordable prices. All of our dairy is free of rGBH, a genetically engineered growth hormone found in many conventional dairy products. 

Household Products

Your source for BPA-free food storage containers, recycled paper goods, environmentally-responsible cleaners and detergents.


In the Chill department you will find an assortment of sliced meats from Applegate Farms as well as hotdogs, bacon, summer sausage and more. We also carry meat alternatives such as tempeh and tofu and an assortment of vegan dressings and spreads. Want to nurture your gut flora? We have your needs met when it comes to fermented foods. Check out our wide selection of miso, sauerkraut, pickles and other fermented veggies. We also have many types of salsa, hummus and other dips for any occasion.

Beer & Wine

Our Beer & Wine department is carefully curated with selections from both Washington and further afield. All our wine is sourced from organically-grown grapes with selections to suit a wide range of palates. We offer a rotating selection of craft beers and ciders including returnable growlerettes from our local brewery Island Hoppin.